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in texas, senator cruz, in a heated town hall. could an awkward moment be coming for two conservative stars in the lone star state? here in gotham, anthony weiner's wild spiral to single digits may have opened the door for an unexpected contender and maybe the next mayor. bill de blasio. feeling like he's got a lot of mojo with just 20 days till primary day. good morning from new york city. it's wednesday, august 21st. it's "the daily rundown." my first reads of it the mornin. we're going to start with some domestic politics. the state of both political parties is anything but strong these days. the only reason there isn't much hand ringing about the democratic party is because the republican party is the one in such disa ray. the open warfare has become a more public spectacle than we've seen in years. many republican leaders are exhausted from dealing with the tea party and some seem to be downright giddy over what's happened in the last week. they don't put their name on their giddiness. not even 250 days old and already he's become probably among the most recognizable faces of the tea p
of tests in a texas hospital this morning. he began feeling weak and disoriented after driving to indiana for a family vacation. he was treated at the university of chicago then by his own doctor in the university of fill. he was discharged and is at home. he reportedly is feeling fine but is hoping this latest round of tests will determine what is causing these episodes. i'm told the most recent episode is not the first one. this is not the first health care young biden had, he suffered a mild stroke in 2010. vice president biden traveled to texas to be with his son today. no word on how long he will stay. the assumption is all of these tests will be done today and they hope to simply get an answer. our prayers go out to bo and his family. much more ahead on will "the daily rundown." tea party in hot water. first major gamut by conservatives, the effort to defund health care law is going nor. republican establishment not getting behind this. break down both sides of the fight. more of this morning's first read is coming up next. meanwhile there's a new presidential pet in town. first lad
. the procedure was performed successfully earlier this morning without any complication at the texas health presbyterian hospital. president bush in high spirits, eager to return home tomorrow and resume his normal schedule thursday. he's grateful to the skilled medical professionals who cared for him. he thanks his family, friends, fellow citizens for prayers and well wishes and encourages us all to get our regular checkups. susan, here it is. this is a man, one thing about him, very healthy. >> super fit. >> a very fit life. just a reminder, no matter how much exercise you get -- >> god bless you, mr. president, and speedy recovery. he's an amazing man who has given to others in many ways. he's bald, as we know, keys out out there standing up for people. i hope he's back in kennebunkport. >> george w. bush. no worries. i assume the well wishers. >> mr. president, back to the ranch. >> by the way, up next jim demint versus gop. we'll talk with the former senator about why now, as head of the powerful heritage foundation, he's focusing so much fire on republicans instead of democrats. >>> s
issues fighting for texas and fighting for conservative principles. i think it is likely that i am going to stay out of incumbent primaries across the country. either supporting incumbents or opposing incumbents. i think it's likely that i'm going to stay out of them. >> what does cruz's tell us about his future plans? we bring back the gaggle. michael, i'll go with you on this one. you're former head of the rnc. ted cruz on one hand i look at it and he thinks, hey, i was a challenger to the establishment. the establishment did everything they could to defeat me. what does he owe the establishment? in many ways consistent for him not to back cornyn but did cornyn work his tail off for cruz's endorsement. >> did he that for good reason because he knows he needs to have the tea party around him. cruz is very definitely saying you know what? i'm not going to play with any incumbent around the country which, by the way, means you too, mr. cornyn. cruz is cutting his own path and he is doing so in a way that is really putting a lot of the establishment types back on their heels because they d
. it is happening over and over again. we see it in texas. we see it in north carolina. >> i got to bring up what colin powell did yesterday. and colin powell goes down. probably a paid speech. i don't know this. i'm assuming. speaking in front of business leaders. does his usual shtick. then he just unloads on what north carolina did. and it seemed to silence a room that was probably filled with more republicans than democrats, business leaders. at the same time, a lot of them streamed out and suddenly felt, boy, if colin powell's lecturing us, maybe something went wrong. >> i think it showed certainly a lot of courage and bravery on behalf of colin powell. but here's the thing. whether it is voting rights, whether it is immigration, for example, which is hot right now, what we need is not just the colin powells of the world but we need the soccer moms of the world, we need the nurses that are tending to emergency rooms and know what it is like to see uninsured populations, of which a very high degree of them are immigrants, standing up with courage, going to attend town hall meetings, attending
realizing he has no choice but to handle it. >> african-americans, latinos in texas and california and florida they know he is good at communicating. >> business record of selling overhaul is mixed. >> but conservatives. is it ted cruz versus bill clinton? >> it's the entire republican party is unified on this point that obama care is a mistake and needs to go. >> shameless plugs. >> i reread the "i have a dream" speech yesterday and astonishing how much power it retains. >> david warner was a wonderful song writer and performer. >> a friend of ours at the gridiron club. >> he unexpectedly died this week and we will miss him. >> one of those shockers. you can't expect it. very young man. >> i wrote a piece in the u.s. news.com and it's about bill de blasio's race for mayor and path other white politicians campaigning in a diverse america. with an african-american candidate in the race. >> it's identity politics turned on its head. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." see you tomorrow but stay with us all day long as we have special coverage with the march on washingto
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, will he drag it out for three years before he announces he's not running for president. then there's texas senator cruz and his father. they've become very popular on the stump these days. cruz tipped his hat to a surprising campaign model. saying he modeled his campaign for senate on the president's 2000 campaign. he even gave his campaign staffer the book, "the audacity to win," for christmas. he's even having an impact in kentucky. a top former aide to both ron and rand paul was caught on tape sounding less than thrilled about his current job. now the campaign manager for the republican leader mitch mcconnell and his 2014 re-election bid. he was speaking with a former aide to congressman ron paul would went public this week with allegations at a conservative state senator dropped his support for michele bachmann and backed paul after seeking payments from paul's campaign in exchange for his endorsement. the aide handed over this recording to the economic policy journal. at economicpolicyjournal.com. >> between you and me, i'm sort of holding my nose for two years because what we're doin
open which is very important. >> good friend of senator harken there of course. the texas senator ted cruz, this was his second trip to iowa in a month. he's scheduled to return again in the fall. he's going to be speaking at the iowa republican party's fall fund-raising dinner. is he tipping his hat to real political ambitions or just sort of raising his name recognition and bringing in more dollars? >> it's probably both. as i mentioned for joe biden, getting your na inting your nam spotlight, ted cruz has been doing that and more. he's going to go to new hampshire. he is all over the place. but i will repeat, again, it is very, very early. at this point in the 2008 cycle. august of 2005, hillary clinton was the clear front-runner. you had george al len was the co-front-runner on the republican side. so it is very early with still more than three years to go, peter. >> i want to get a sense, do you think it's very early with -- just kidding. let me ask you about -- acknowledging iing it's early, with me here. he made some headlines speaking out basically, you know, sort of attacking
in 31 states. the justice department is already going after texas to try to test the supreme court decision. does the speech do you think give any momentum to that cause to expand voting rightsce
did in texas in 1998, running up the score. had huge numbers among hispanics and did well among african-american voters. it was a way bush tried to use to demonstrate a wide appear. martin reports christie met with the rnc chief fund-raiser in boston last week. there's harold simmons, the billionaire backer of karl rove's superpac. there's bush's finance chair in 2000, big guy in cincinnati. conservatives who think they've compromised on an establishment candidate for four elections in a row are not exactly eager to get on team christie. a fact the former white house adviser noted with enthusiasm this weekend. >> governor christie, this is probably the kiss of death, he would potentially be a strong presidential candidate. in the current party that's going to show up, someone like he can't win in my opinion. >> christie will also have to defend his record in new jersey. did you know this, it has an 8.7% unemployment rate. in fact, only five states have a higher one. nevada, illinois, mississippi, rhode island and north carolina. pretty stunning. by the way, christie has kept a f
had the procedure in texas. his father says it was successful. the family is going back to delaware today and will await test rules. bo biden suffered some weakness and disorientation last week and a mild stroke of course several years ago. the vice president has canceled a couple of appearances at fund-raisers so he can be with his son. he's still scheduled to be with the president some time tomorrow in scranton. >>> we learned this morning that convicted army private bradley manning once to live out the rest of his life as a woman. manning was sentenced to 35 years in military prison in the big of tgest military leak. in an exclusive interview on "today," manning says he hopes fort leavenworth will provide hormone therapy. >> i think the ultimate goal is to be comfortable in her skin. >> do you fear for her safety? >> i don't. the reason why is everyone that's in a military prison is a first-time offender. these are soldiers who have done something wrong, have gone to prison, and are really just trying to to their time and then get out. >> the army has responded moments ago, sayin
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)

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